… Digitized, Decarbonized and Decentralized (3D) Energy Solutions.

Natural gas fired power plants, solar or wind powered plants to provide electricity and other derivatives like water, Internet connectivity, digital television, all processed on the platform of cloud based engineering management. 

• Electricity • Water • Internet connectivity
• Digital TV • Perimeter Security/Lighting and Remote Monitoring /Surveillance
• Energy Efficiency Audit/Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency Services
• Equipment Procurement • E-Bill Payment 

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As an energy company, we recognize that our services enable the effective implementation of effective gas supply models that not only can keep our homes warm and cool, but also serve as feedstocks/fuels that are essential to manufacturing, power generation and transportation. Altron Energy is collaborating with strategic and key partners in the gas-to-power industry to develop embedded captive power systems, based on “A Micro Ecosystems’ Network (AMEN™)” Solutions that is Digitized, Decarbonated and Decentralized (3D) and takes advantage of the Nigeria’s rich natural endowment with natural gas (both compressed natural gas (CNG)and liquified (LNG)) reserves. Nigeria is a haven for solar irradiation and endowed with abundance of natural gas, that takes advantage of that to develop the AMEN™ system, given a favorable policy, “the willing buyer, willing seller” policy. This policy encourages the embedment of captive power systems’ solutions for providing access to electricity to Nigerians with limited or no access to electricity. developed the AMEN™ solutions to bridge the gap and address the shortcoming in Nigeria’s electricity supply industry. 

AMEN ™solution is an off-grid, containerized gas or solar powered nano (less than 50kW), micro (less than 500KW) or mini (greater than 500kW) grid solutions, depending on the capacity and the size of the communities being served, where these units are independently installed and managed as unique ecosystems, to generate and supply 24/7 reliable electricity to the communities of interest. This is particularly useful in communities far-flung from the grid network. The AMEN™ solutions are particularly important where the footprints of the power plants are major challenges, like in the deployment of solar-powered units, which often require large land spaces/sizes. A great advantage of the AMEN™ solution is that even in the remote areas with no extension of gas pipelines, CNG or LNG could be trucked in to fire the AMEN™. 


Nigeria is endowed with abundant natural resources, like the sun, wind, hydros, etc. As an alternative energy, solar and wind power generation can also be a practical alternative to supplementing electricity supply in Nigeria. Solar and/or wind powered electricity can be cost-effective in areas where electricity can not be supplied, especially in the rural, riverine and areas remote to current grid/energy sources such as water falls. 
As part of the suite of alternative energy solutions, we design and develop solar power plant both Photovoltaic (PV) and/or Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) solutions for grid-tied/off-grid, mini grids, etc. We are flexible with our business models and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Depending on the need of the customer, we Build, Own, Operate & Maintain (BOOM) or Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) after an agreed number of years of operation with the customer. As part of human capacity development and technology transfer, will also train the locals in the design and implementation of alternative energy. 


To brighten and beautify the city at night and prevent crimes in high crime prone areas, we install specialized high luminous solar streetlights and IP-enabled Security Solar Street Lights in high crime areas to prevent crimes. This will enable remote monitoring of high crime areas by the authorities.


We perform energy audit analysis to save you money: Clean Energy solutions with cleaner CNG/LNG natural gas fired power plants. You save up to 30% with solar, 50% with natural gas – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) etc.

From the overall energy expenses through energy consuming equipment, thermal imaging and safety issues, we inspect all aspects your consumption, to save you money. 

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